MsTokyoRose (mstokyorose) wrote in claim_pocky,

Hi Everyone!


I saw this site and thought it would be fun to make my claim! I love Green Tea Mousse Pocky! Ahh the rich green goodness that green tea offers!

Also for those other pocky lovers out there you should check out

We are currently selling Coconut Milk Pocky for $1.00

As well as Goma Pretz for $1.00

Corn Pretz for $1.00

and we have just added Melon Pocky to our line up!

We also offer alot of other odd Japanese snacks we have recently introduced.

Please check out

We offer flat rate shipping too so anything you buy it will only cost $8.10 to ship anywhere within the US!*

So again Green Tea Mousse Pocky is mine! And thanks for letting me share!

*pending it all fits in one box!
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